3 Success Keys

Keys unlock success

There are three Keys that all successful entrepreneurs follow. Learning how to control these keys will undoubtedly lead to success. Entrepreneurs usually learn these keys too late in business.

Guaranteed Business Improvement

The HE Knowledge

Get access to secrets..

Get the knowledge from the experts. Stop learning the hard way. Learn the 3 Keys to Success, the 7 Silver Bullets for action, the 12 secrets of entrepreneurship, and the 40 proven strategies to help you succeed. Recommend 30 mins per week learning.

The HE Plan

Implementation Plan...

Access the "The Knowledge" but need help to implement what you learn? "The Plan" will give you a plan with gamification to keep on the path to success. This invaluable plan to help you to implement the keys, silver bullets, secrets and strategies in an easy paced programme that takes only 15 minutes per week.

The HE Journey

Our success Programme...

"The HE Journey" is our secret sauce enabling successful entrepreneurs. "The HE Journey" is our proprietary success programme that makes it close to impossible to fail at business... a sure way of causing success, that will enhance your business to heights you would not normally reach without it.

HE Coach

Get invaluable advice...

Follow our proprietary "The HE Journey" with a coach spending one hour per month discussing and guiding you via an online video chat. Our coaches have been through our intensive business coaching qualification, and are ready to give personalised help.

HE Senior Coach

The serious Entrepreneur...

Our Senior coaches will spend one hour every other week giving invaluable advice on your business and will ensure you get the maximum out of our proprietary "The Programme", focusing on your strengths and weaknesses.

HE Master Coach

All in...

Our Master coaches are the ultimate in business coaching. 10+ years experience in running businesses, these Master coaches will not only coach but also help you network with other businesses.

7 Silver Bullets

Methodologies that produce successful businesses
Implementing these seven success methodologies gives businesses a massive boost in order to maximise success. You can implement these seven silver bullets immediately, with instant rewards, and we will help you to constantly improve these methodologies in order to be constantly making your business better and better each month, giving you an unfair advantage over other businesses in your field

The 12 Secrets

Essential secrets that protect your business
  • Profitable

    Three secrets on starting, remaining and planning around profitability

  • People Orientated

    Three secret phycological ways to deal with people

  • Quality Service

    Three secrets that will keep your customers returning for more

  • Secret Sauce

    The three secret dimensions to your business offering

40 Proven Stategies

A one year plan
Don't stop learning... don't stop adding to your success... keep fine tuning your business... Keep sharpening your blade... Success is sought, it does not come from inaction.

The HE Journey

How to maximize your potential for success. Give it a try!


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